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Program Description

A program designed with the intention to aid in the organisation of layout tabs in a drawing, the program enables the user to organise each layout tab using intuitively engineered buttons to move selected tabs up/down or to the top/bottom of the tab order.

The program also offers the ability to rename a layout tab by double-clicking on its entry in the list displayed, and furthermore add a prefix and/or suffix to selected/every layout tab.

A facility is also provided to add & delete layout tabs, and also sort the tabs into alphabetical, numerical, or architectural order; or reverse the order currently displayed.

A Find & Replace functionality is also offered to allow the user to quickly replace a text string in multiple layout tabs.

The user may also copy selected layout tabs, or set the selected entry as the current drawing layout.

A Help Dialog may be shown upon pressing H at the Main Dialog interface.

Each item is further detailed in the table below.

Button Functionality
Top Move selected Tabs to the top of the list
Up Move selected Tabs up one notch in the list
Down Move selected Tabs down one notch in the list
Bottom Move selected Tabs to the bottom of the list
Sort Opens the Sort Dialog (detailed below)
Reverse Reverse the Tab order of Selected Tabs
Pref/Suff Opens the Prefix/Suffix Dialog
Add Adds a new layout Tab
Delete Deletes selected Tabs (this action cannot be undone)
Copy Copies selected Tabs
Current Makes the selected Tab the Current Drawing Layout
Find Allows the user to perform a Find & Replace operation
Done Finished sorting Tabs, will implement sorting
Reset Will reset Tab names and Tab order
(will not reset deleted/added Tabs)


Sort Dialog

This program offers three sorting options: Alphabetical, Numerical & Architectural. Examples of their usage are shown below:


( "A23" "C22" "B3" "E7" ) ==> ( "A23" "B3" "C22" "E7" )


( "A23" "C22" "B3" "E7" ) ==> ( "B3" "E7" "C22" "A23" )


( "A-1A" "B-3" "A-10C" "B-1.2" "B-1" ) ==> ( "A-1A" "A-10C" "B-1" "B-1.2" "B-3" )

Dialog Previews

Main Dialog

Prefix/Suffix Dialog

Find & Replace Dialog

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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