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After a couple of years of toying around with AutoCAD customisation on various forums, I finally decided it was time to design and create my own site - and here it is.

The site is set up to offer free custom programs and tutorials to the AutoCAD community, and furthermore offer my knowledge of writing such programs to those who request it.

As a little background: I'm based just outside of London, England. I started programming AutoCAD in early 2009 - my interest was sparked when I was introduced to AutoLISP by a colleague and immediately saw the immense potential for productivity in customisation and automation. With the fantastic support of the CADTutor community and those clever folks over at TheSwamp, here I am, offering a small collection of my ventures into the world of AutoLISP.

See you around,

Lee Mac

Why Donate?

Many hours go into the conceiving and writing of the programs available on this site, and most are aimed at saving as much time as is possible on various everyday tasks, and so, if you feel that the programs that I have written have benefitted you or your company in some way, a donation is very welcome.

Furthermore this site is entirely independent of sponsorship and there is a cost to keep it online, thus even a small donation can help to subsidise this cost.

Many Thanks for your Support!


This section includes a few paragraphs from companies and individuals who have hired my services, detailing their experiences working with me and my programs.

If you or your company wish to share your thoughts about my site or working with me or my programs in the form of a testimonial, feel free to contact me.

Wynn Design & Development Wynn Design & Development

Las Vegas, Nevada

We have been using Lee Mac LISP programs in our design & development offices around the world for years.

Many of Lee's productivity and novelty programs have been very helpful to our in-house team of over 100 of the world's finest architects and interior designers.

His quick response and intuitive programs are "best in class" - Thank you Lee!

Wynn Design & Development has been creating the highest rated Forbes 5-Star resorts in the U.S. and Asia for over 25 years including Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas, Wynn Macau and Encore Macau, Wynn Palace Cotai, and Encore Boston Harbor and Lee Mac has been contributing to our AutoCAD productivity and workflow for years.

Michael Andreas

Director - Wynn Design & Development

Las Vegas, NV

Chase Burke and Harvey Surveyors Chase Burke and Harvey Surveyors

New South Wales, Australia

I handed Lee a brief for a drafting problem we had wished to automate for years. He understood my complicated brief immediately, and sent back a working prototype that was fully operational first time. Together we then refined it slightly, and the new version worked even faster for the end user!

The scale of this is big for us. One click could save anywhere from 3 minutes to half a day, depending on the size of the drawing. We are wrapped with Lee's code, his professionalism, and his pleasantness over email. Can't wait to use his services again. We already have a list of new tasks we hope to work together on!

Chase Burke and Harvey Surveyors

Momentum Engineering Momentum Engineering

Perth, Western Australia

Momentum is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, quality and to save money for our clients. A project for one of our key clients required a substantial amount of manual drafting which also created the potential for data entry errors.

We engaged Lee Mac to help us write a routine that would automate a portion of the manual drafting exercise. Lee provided the perfect solution and we were able to save a significant amount of time per drawing as well as removing any chance for data entry errors. This was a win-win for Momentum and our client.

Thanks Lee Mac, we would recommend for any to engage Lee Mac for assistance.

Momentum Engineering

WoodBlocX WoodBlocX

Ross-Shire, Scotland

WoodBlocX work with CAD every day to produce bespoke designs for our customers. The faster and more streamlined we can make this process, the better it is for us and our customers.

Lee developed and supplied programs that will enable us to produce drawings, instructions and quotes 50% faster than before. This means that we now have twice as many happy customers at the end of each day.

If you are looking to economically improve your CAD work-rate, we would recommend speaking to Lee as your first priority.

Henry Blake



Arning Companies, Inc. Arning Companies, Inc.

Cassville, Missouri

Arning Companies, Inc. is a leader in the design and fabrication of numerous steel and sheet metal products, including ACM wall panel systems. During the process of developing a complex new system for designing these wall panel systems we realized that using custom LISP routines could potentially save us a lot of time and effort.

After searching for a capable programmer (for many years) I stumbled across Lee Mac's free programs and website through the many CAD forums he participates in. He responded to our enquiries in a very timely and professional manner. After communicating the specifics of our LISP program requirements he delivered exactly what we needed for an extremely fair price in a timely manner.

We were so pleased with that experience we later commissioned him to write a second program for us, which was much more complex than the first one. Again we worked out the specifics via email and within a few days he delivered a product that works beautifully and will result in greatly reduced drawing production times.

We could not be more pleased with everything Lee has done for us. We will absolutely be returning to him for all of our custom programming needs in the future. If you are in the market for custom programming then look no further, you have found the best!

Robert 'Joey' Smith

Engineering Department Manager

Arning Companies, Inc.

Engineering Solutions Tasmania Engineering Solutions Tasmania

Launceston, Tasmania

I first found Lee Mac's website when I was looking for some training materials to learn about LISP for AutoCAD. Once I stumbled upon Lee's website I found that he had a lot of very helpful programs.

Since my programming skills in LISP are very limited, I noticed Lee also did custom programs. Therefore I commissioned Lee to write a LISP program for our company.

Lee was very thorough in acquiring all the information required to create the program. We exchanged emails until there were no more questions from either of us. Once Lee had all the information it was less than a week until we had the program which worked very well and fitted ours needs to the letter.

I would recommend Lee's services to anyone as he is very professional about the way he handles his clients and I would/will be looking to commission another program from Lee in the future.

Jason Roberts

Engineering Solutions Tasmania

Profile Cutting Formes Profile Cutting Formes

Essex, England

We are a small company of 5 people and have been using AutoCAD R14 for many years. Earlier this year we decided to move to a new version, but we hit a problem in which most of the AutoLISP routines were written for R12, and so many of them would not migrate to a newer version.

After joining a CAD Forum we discovered Lee and felt that he was an ideal candidate to solve our problem with AutoLISP, so we approached him via his website.

Lee has certainly been a huge help, he has created some very smart routines, which have replaced our old ones - not just replaced but improved them.

He has worked wonders on our very ambiguous briefs, and has come up with something far better than we expected. Lee is outstanding with his knowledge of AutoLISP and maths, since seeking for his advice I have not had to sort any alternative support.

Our work with Lee will be on-going for the future.


Jim Cox

Profile Cutting Formes

Baket Metal Products

Baker Metal Products

Dallas, Texas


Thank you again for yet another smooth AutoCAD LISP program.

I truly appreciate that every program provided has contained a preamble explaining the program and its subroutines.

I would also like to mention that Lee has responded quickly to each of my "can you do this" requests. His response contained the WOW factor and after a few brief e-mails we were able to quickly communicate the desired program.

In closing, I have additional AutoCAD LISP programs needing to be written by Lee Mac.

Thanks for a job well done.

Elson Brown

Manager of Product Development

Baker Metal Products Inc.

Sotirios Goudousakis

Sotirios Goudousakis

Thessaloniki (Lagadas), Greece

The final result of our projects, regarding seismic analysis and topography and infrastructures, is to serve humanity through our constructions, on our everyday lives.

Lee Mac contributed our office with accurate and bug-free solutions on Lisp routines with kindness and high-professionalism.

Therefore, is very important to mention that, some of the real constructions here in Greece, will now have Lee Mac's effort in them.

Thank you Lee Mac for helping us in this difficult situation we had, where hope was nowhere to be seen, except in your tiresome efforts.

Sotirios Goudousakis

Worley Parsons

Kwinana, Western Australia

In September 2011, I employed the programming services of Lee from 'Lee Mac Programming' to write an AutoCAD LISP program.

The program function was to change attribute widths of a block with the ability to do continuous selection and graphics update after selection.

Lee provided exactly what was required and did an excellent job for a reasonable fee. I was most impressed with Lee's AutoCAD LISP programming ability and with his polite and patient demeanour to achieve the desired outcome.

I will have no hesitation in using 'Lee Mac Programming' services in the future.

Damir Matulovic

Piping Designer

WorleyParsons Pty Ltd

Kwinana Projects Team

Innophos, Inc.

Nashville, Tennessee

I must tell you that your talent is evident. I hope that you can apply your gifts to both solve problems and be rewarded on a grand scale.

I have learned much from the material on your website as well as from within your code. Your routines are a true joy to work with; making previously time-consuming tasks much easier and more efficient.

Clint Hill

CAD Operator / Engineering Department

Innophos, Inc.

CBI/Matrix Engineering

Beaumont, Texas

Lee did an excellent job on the project that I enlisted his help on. Hard to find programs that in other enquiries programmers found quite difficult to accomplish.

Lee accomplished the program with an extremely efficient time and manner. It worked so well I commissioned him again for another program which he also accomplished in the same manner. Both of these programs were easy to use and increased the efficiency and production of each task.

Lee did a great job and I will most assuredly be using him more in the future.

John Hailey

Mechanical / Piping Lead / CAD Manager

UA Local 469

Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for being the most helpful LISP genius around!

I wanted to say thank you for being so active and helpful on the various LISP forums. It seems like every time I'm trying to figure something out, I end up finding a post somewhere with a reply from you in it explaining the exact way to solve whatever problem I'm having.

Between you, Afralisp, and tutorials by Jeffery Sanders, I've managed to learn a tremendous amount and do things I never thought I'd be doing. It's rare to find people who are so open to sharing knowledge these days.

Again, thank you very much. If the world had more people like you in it we'd all be quite a bit better off.

Bryan Wilson

University Mechanical

Your code is so very elegant.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked to your website for inspiration and technical insight.

Thank you for sharing your talent with a world in need of more people like you.

Chris Conrad


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