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Function Syntax CurveText
Current Version 1.4
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Program Description

I suppose this program should really be listed under the 'Novelty Programs' section, however, perhaps some users may regard it as a practical solution.

The program will create individual text objects for each character in a selected/specified string, and, following selection of a curve object (line, arc, ellipse, circle, spline, lwpolyline etc), will proceed to dynamically space & rotate each character to align with the curve - creating a visual appearance similar to that produced by the Express Tools' Arc Aligned Text command.

The user is provided with additional refinement controls: character offset may be altered using the +/- keys, and furthermore, character spacing along the curve may be adjusted using the </> keys.

If the program is run in AutoCAD2000 or later, the resultant text items form an anonymous group, and hence may be selected as one item.


Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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