Nested Burst

This program has been integrated into Burst Upgraded.

Program Description

This program enables the user to burst a selection of block references, including any nested block references found within the selected blocks, nested to any level.

For those unfamiliar with the standard AutoCAD Express Tools' Burst command, a burst operation involves exploding a given block reference and converting any attribute references to text, hence retaining the attribute values.

However, unlike the standard Express Tools' Burst command, this program operates in a similar manner to my older Burst Upgraded application in which invisible attributes are not displayed following the burst operation.

Following a valid selection of blocks to burst, the program will iterate over the selection and will convert all visible single-line & multi-line attributes into Text and MText objects respectively, before proceeding to explode the block, and deleting the original attribute objects. The program will then iterate over the exploded block components and will recursively process any nested block references encountered.

The program is structured such that the core function LM:burstnested accepts a single VLA Block Reference Object argument and may hence be called from other custom programs to recursively burst a supplied block reference.

As with my Burst Upgraded application, it is also worth noting that the methods used by this program should perform much faster & more efficiently than those used by the standard Express Tools' Burst.lsp.


Nested Burst Demo

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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