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Program Description

Inspired by a thread at an AutoCAD programming forum, this relatively simple novelty program will generate a sequence of random (pseudo-random) numbers in the form of lottery balls in the drawing.

The program makes use of my Random Number Functions to generate a sequence of pseudo-random numbers within a range set in the program source code. These functions utilise a Linear Congruential Generator to generate pseudo-random numbers; more information about this method may be found on the page containing these functions.

As it stands, the program will generate 6 lottery numbers in the range 1-49 (inclusive); however, the number of lottery balls, the range of lottery numbers & the colour scheme for the balls may all be altered from the Adjustments section of the program source code.

And of course, if you get lucky and win millions, remember Lee Mac Programming!


Lotto Example

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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