Load Linetypes

Function Syntax (LM:loadlinetypes <lts> <rdf>)
Current Version 1.3
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Symbol Type Description
lts List List of linetypes to load
rdf Boolean If T, all linetypes will be redefined from file if already loaded
Type Description
Boolean T if all linetypes are loaded, else nil

Function Description

This function provides a utility to load a list of linetypes into a drawing when the relevant linetype definition (.lin) files in which each linetype is defined are unknown.

The function requires two arguments: a list of linetypes to be loaded (this list is not case-sensitive), and a boolean flag to determine whether the list of linetypes should be redefined from their respective linetype definition files if already loaded in the active drawing.

For every linetype name in the given list, the function will attempt to load the linetype using every linetype definition file (.lin file) found in every AutoCAD Support File Search Path. Known metric or imperial linetype definition files present in the lists noted at the top of the function code will be excluded based on the value of the MEASUREMENT system variable.

If all linetypes in the supplied list are loaded or reloaded successfully, the function will return T.

The function will not error if one or more linetypes are already loaded.

Example Function Calls

_$ (LM:loadlinetypes '("hidden" "dot" "phantom") nil)
_$ (LM:loadlinetypes '("hidden" "dot" "phantom" "notfound") t)


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