Field Code

Function Syntax (LM:fieldcode <ent>)
Current Version 1.1
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Symbol Type Description
ent Entity Name The object for which to return the associated field expression
Type Description
String Field expression associated with entity, else nil

Function Description

This function will return the field expression associated with a supplied object, if any exists.

The function will yield results identical to the ActiveX fieldcode method, however, where the vla-fieldcode function is only compatible with Text & MText objects, this function will return the field expression associated with Text, MText, Attributes, Multileaders & every types of Dimension object.

This function is also compatible with nested field expressions (nested to any depth), including object property field expressions and formula fields.

Example Function Call

_$ (LM:fieldcode (car (entsel)))
"%<\\AcObjProp Object(%<\\_ObjId 2129763192>%).Area \\f \"%lu2%ct4%qf1 SQ. FT.\">%"


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