Burst Upgraded

(Burst without Invisible Attributes)

See also Nested Burst.

Function Syntax myburst / (LM:burst <sel>)
Current Version 1.5
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Program Description

This program operates in much the same way as the familiar Express Tools' Burst command, however invisible block attributes are not displayed with the resulting exploded components.

Following a valid selection of blocks to burst, the program converts all visible single-line & multi-line attributes into Text and MText respectively, before proceeding to explode the block, and deleting the original attribute objects.

The core function LM:burst accepts a selection set argument and may hence be called from within other custom programs to burst all blocks in a supplied selection set.

The methods used by the program should also perform much faster & more efficiently than those used by the Express Tools' Burst.lsp.


Burst Upgraded Demo

See also Nested Burst.

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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