Entity to Point List

Function Syntax (LM:Entity->PointList <ent>)
Current Version 1.0
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Symbol Type Description
ent EName Entity for which to return Point List
Type Description
List List of Points describing or approximating supplied entity, else nil

Program Description

This function will return a list of points, defined in WCS, describing or approximating a supplied entity.

The function will support Lines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Elliptical Arcs, LWPolylines, Polylines, Splines and Points; and has been engineered to describe the supplied entity using fewer points where possible, whilst still maintaining a good approximation to supplied curve.

Linear objects (Lines, Points & Polylines with linear segments), may be described exactly by the returned point list; whereas curves (Arcs, Circles, etc.) are approximated whilst minimising the size of the returned point list.

A test function has been included in the code downloadable from the above link; this function will prompt the user to select an object, then proceed to create a Point Entity at each point returned by the Entity->PointList function.

Examples of Output for Various Entity Types

Arcs Circles Ellipses Elliptical Arcs Polylines Splines


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