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Function Syntax BFind
Current Version 2.0
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Program Description

This program uses ObjectDBX to perform multiple text replacements on the current drawing, all open drawings, or a complete directory (and optionally subdirectories) of drawings. The program has the ability to search Text, MText, Block Attributes, Multileader Text, Table Cell Text, Dimension Override Text and all of these items within Block Definitions.

The user may replace multiple search strings, and load & save lists of search strings for future use, saving time in program data entry.

Users may perform a complete Find & Replace operation, or merely search for potential replacements using the 'Search Only' option. Following a search operation, a report is displayed informing the user of the replacements which would be performed should the user proceed with the replacement. The report also displays the object containing the text to be replaced, along with the entity handle of the object, and the drawing filename in which the object resides.

The program provides the user with additional refinement options, as displayed in the Options Dialog. This enables the user to control which objects are searched, whether locked layers are included in the replacement, search item case-sensitivity and whether the search item must appear as a complete word to be replaced. The user can also restrict the search to Model space, Layout space or both.

The generation of a report following a text replacement may also be controlled within the Options Dialog (the report will always be created following a search operation).

Dialog Preview

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Options Dialog



Please be aware that BFind is not completely bug-free, and I would advise against its usage on heavily formatting MText due to incorrect replacement of formatting codes. However, it should, in most cases, perform successfully.

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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